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On Cross-curricular Teaching

Yesterday’s rainy afternoon had nothing of the lazy feeling that rainy afternoons usually do. Eight young men and women from LearningMate were all charged up for an interactive classroom project at Saraswati Vidya Mandir at Tilak Nagar, in Mumbai.

This day was the first major step after a six month journey of pursuing creativity and a continuing process of self-discovery. In this time, the team had gone through a process of discovering their creative self, explored it through photography, art, design and other interactions. They focused on communication, barriers to creativity, identifying inhibitors, working to demolish them and allow their creative selves to express themselves.

With the support of the school and the Kotak Education Foundation, this team from LearningMate put their creativity in practice and designed an interactive workshop for young students to understand the environment better through an art & craft project.


The team managed to cross the conventions of instruction and learning, by engaging the students in a very interactive, hands-on session for over an hour. Concepts regarding pollution, environmental safety and protection, were seamlessly integrated in the various activities that made up the session. The children were given the names of various items and concepts that either cause or reduce pollution and were asked to draw these on small paper cutouts. After all the students had created four to five concepts, they were invited to explore polluting and non-polluting items from the collection and decide which ones they would like to have on the “Green Earth”. Each such item was presented in front of the class and was debated whether it should be a part of the Green Earth or banished from it. The children had some exciting, innovative and unique arguments that stumped the team members a couple of times.

After all the arguments and banishing the pollutants, the children were quite satisfied and happy with their Green Earth.

At the end of the session the children assumed that next Tuesday would be another session – and even wanted to to know what the next session would be. This was probably the most encouraging feedback to receive regarding how well this project was designed and conducted.

A few photos from the workshop are on eVeltio Education’s Facebook Page.

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