Launching eVeltio eND

UPDATE: eVeltio END has now been merged into our revamped Teacher Education network – eVeltio TEN

We think that there should be lesser places for you to search for information about education news. And while we know that this may not be the last place that you will look for, we hope that this will be the place where you will find most of the interesting news and articles about education in general and Indian education in particular.

That’s eVeltio Education News Digest, or eVeltio eND, as we’d like to call and hope that your search for education news, ends here.


We hope this resource is useful for you, it’s free, please feel free to subscribe to receive articles via email or subscribe to the RSS of the site. If you think there is a resource you’d like us to add, please feel free to suggest and we will add it.

A small dedication from us on Teachers’ Day!

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