Micro-innovation in Education

How do you make things better in a resource-constrained environment? How do you get people who have been following a practice for a long time to adopt something new? How do you demonstrate that innovation is not limited to a design lab but in everyday life?

STIR Education is one such organisation that leading the way in implementing innovation, even if it is a “micro-innovation,” to help improve the quality and delivery of education. Micro-innovations (MI) identified by STIR are individual, small-scale, low-cost (and often zero-cost), replicable practices developed by teachers and principals that have the potential to contribute to improving education quality and directly or indirectly contribute to better educational outcomes for children.

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On the occasion of Teachers’ Day, STIR Education & eVeltio Education Consulting announced a partnership to bring these micro-innovation to a broader audience through eVeltio TEN. The purpose is ti help teachers around the world to use these innovations in their schools and classrooms and further support the process and discovery of more innovative practices to develop quality and delivery of education.

STIR Education and eVeltio TEN starts the Micro-innovation Monday, or MI Monday series starting 9th September 2013.

In this series, every Monday, STIR Education will post one of the many micro-innovations being used in various schools that they work with. We will welcome teachers and other education stakeholders from around the world to discuss, ask questions, and add their own versions of innovation to these articles.

There’s more.

In the days to come eVeltio TEN will provide a dedicated forum to ask and answer your questions about micro-innovation and other topics of interest as well as more practical resources to make your school and classrooms a great place to be.

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