Veltiosi is Greek, for improvement.

eVeltio brings the best of strategies, process and technology to education to enable improvement in the design, development, and delivery of education and learning programmes.

The eVeltio team is passionate about effecting change in education and learning with a sharp focus on process design and improvement. We consult with various organisations on a turnkey basis to develop new ways of developing education and learning. We focus on three areas of development:

  • Community Learning: Developing strategies for a dispersed community with common interests to come together for the purpose of learning, knowledge sharing and improving performance.
  • Organisational Consulting: Building roadmaps for organisation to create new and robust means for delivering education, training and learning within the organisation or to develop commercial products for learning and development.
  • Skill Development: Designing effective strategies for improving employability and reducing time-to-productivity of fresh graduates, in collaboration with the industry.


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