We are averse to template-thinking.

Think of it as ‘respecting’ a problem, for what it is, rather than applying a solution of a recently solved similar problem.

When learning requirements are unique, the solution should be too!

A learning solution is driven by learning requirements and then optimised for technology, platform, features, and revenue, rather than the other way round. Technology doesn’t solve problems; people do. Technology helps people solve problems. As a specialist education consulting firm, we realise that at the heart of every challenge you face, is a set of learning and business requirements that drives the success of a solution. This is especially true when you need to create long-term, sustainable, and future-ready learning programmes.

eVeltio brings its expertise to bear to create custom solutions and implementation plans for improving the design, development, and delivery of education and learning. Through our experience and expertise, we work with you to develop practical and relevant solutions to make education better.

eVeltio works in areas of improvement to:

  • Design better learning processes and help reduce inefficiencies
  • Create long-term sustainable education and learning programmes
  • Develop community-specific strategies for performance and skill development
  • Design and implement creative learning and assessment strategies

Why eVeltio

The eVeltio team is passionate about effecting change in education and learning in away that benefits the consumer as well as the producer of learning programmes. Unlike general management and IT consulting organisations, eVeltio has significant and in-depth experience in the design and delivery of education and learning solutions.

We approach every challenge with a fresh perspective so that we can offer solutions that can meet your learning as well as business requirements. Our experience in creating and delivering high quality learning solutions ensures that we can bring the best of strategies, processes and technology to design, develop, and deliver such programmes and products.

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