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Micro-innovation in Education

How do you make things better in a resource-constrained environment? How do you get people who have been following a practice for a long time to adopt something new? How do you demonstrate that innovation is not limited to a design lab but in everyday life? STIR Education is one such organisation that leading the way […]

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Relaunch of TEN

We are excited to announce the relaunch of eVeltio TEN, today! For a long time all the wonderful content and the community was behind a registration page. We have now set it free from registration and opened up all the wonderful content to all teachers out there. Have a look at the revamped site and […]


MOOC, Connectivism & Photography

A good photograph is not necessarily the result of a sophisticated camera. There, we have said it. But, while it is relatively easy to define a sophisticated camera, it’s quite another thing to define a good photograph. We look at a photograph and we know intuitively that is good, and often it is enough. That […]


Launching eVeltio eND

UPDATE: eVeltio END has now been merged into our revamped Teacher Education network – eVeltio TEN We think that there should be lesser places for you to search for information about education news. And while we know that this may not be the last place that you will look for, we hope that this will […]


Art & Craft for the Environment

On Cross-curricular Teaching Yesterday’s rainy afternoon had nothing of the lazy feeling that rainy afternoons usually do. Eight young men and women from LearningMate were all charged up for an interactive classroom project at Saraswati Vidya Mandir at Tilak Nagar, in Mumbai. This day was the first major step after a six month journey of pursuing creativity and a […]


A Respectable Profession in Great Disrespect

P. Pushkar looks at the reasons why Indian higher-ed institutes are suffering. The truth is that, with some exceptions, higher education is in deep rot. India simply does not produce a sufficient number of high-quality Ph.D.’s. Not surprisingly, the IITs and the IIMs are trying to recruit Indians from abroad to fill faculty positions. It […]


eVeltio Launches TEN!

eVeltio has launched eVeltio TEN – our first community learning site. eVeltio Teacher Education Network (TEN) is a premium, community-supported, informal learning resource for teachers. TEN features curated articles and resources for teachers that help them keep in touch with the latest news in the profession, perform better in the classroom through tools and resources. […]


Not Disruptive Enough

In his post, in The Blog of Harvard Education Publishing, Peter J. Stokes says: “While some experts argue that online learning can and should be more cost effective to deliver than traditional classroom instruction, the reality for many schools is that they grow their online efforts alongside their classroom operations, and thus they see their operational […]

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Digital is Different

“The most important thing is not to optimise what you do, but to find out and decide what you should be doing… find out where you should really be and to make sure that you are climbing the tallest peak, not just a false summit…If you get stuck on a small mountain, you get to […]

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Hello world!

Welcome to the new and shiny blog @ eVeltio. We look forward to your participation on all things education, with us. Please bear with us while we punch the keyboard, space out the content, and fill this blog with all the interesting things that you’d like to see on this blog. We love engagement, please […]