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An online community for teacher education

eVeltio CPW

The online assignment site for the workshops we conduct. Also has a free Photography MOOC. (registration required)

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eVeltio TEN [PDF 2.5MB]

eVeltio TEN is an informal, friendly, and online community platform for teachers to come together to learn, understand, and make sense of this change. The aim is to bring teachers from around the world to a single location and foster an environment of a close-knit community, engaged in knowledge exchange. eVeltio TEN intends to be the platform of choice for knowledge sharing and informal learning, supported by curated resources relevant to teachers’ needs.

eVeltio SIFS [PDF PDF 475 KB]

The eVeltio SIFS (Strategic Improvement Framework for Schools) is designed to enable schools to define and implement a long-term and a sustainable approach for continuous improvement for delivery of learning through efficient processes and workflow. This adaptive framework may be customised for schools with their specific mission, vision and goals.

eVeltio CPW [PDF 426KB]

The Creative Pursuits Workshop (CPW) is designed to cause a positive and creativity-oriented behavioural change in the participants, in a way that their approach to problem solving is non-repetitive and innovative. CPW is a customised workshop designed with specific objectives that cater to organisational and individual needs. The primary objective of the CPW is to create a creative attitude over time and inculcate creative practice.

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