Project: Examination & Certification Redesign

Redesign and scalable process definition of an existing examination & certification system for consistency, scalability and multimodal delivery.


Consulting, Process management


Kherwadi Social Welfare Association – Yuva Parivartan

From their website: Yuva Parivartan is a collective effort of transformers, visionaries, corporates, and the benefactors. An NGO which was cradled in the Kherwadi region of Bandra, is now brimming with endless energy and has spread across the entire nation. The parent centre has now branched out to over 100 centres across 16 states of India, which includes 44 Livelihood Development Centres, more than 100 Partnership Centres and 5 jail Centres. As one of the largest NGOs of India that works for the school drop-out youth, we strongly believe that the nation’s strength and future lies in the hands of its youth.


eVeltio worked with Yuva Parivartan, the vocational training arm of Kherwadi Social Welfare Association (KSWA) to help redesign the existing process of examining and certifying their students. eVeltio also defined a modified organizational structure, the specifications for design of an assessment system for online and offline delivery, and a mobile platform for use in remote location camps.


Yuva Parivartan provides vocational training for out-of-school young adults to ensure they have the skills for a better livelihood. KSWA engaged the services of eVeltio to help define the appropriate process, workflow and technology to enable scaling up the delivery of examinations and certification for over 400,000 students undergoing vocational education at various urban and rural centres in the country. KSWA runs multiple centres, owned and partnerships, and needed a method to streamline the examination & certification process, ensure consistency of examination, minimise human intervention and collect data to enable quick resolution.


eVeltio undertook an extensive field study by visiting various KSWA centres to understand the requirements and observe the environment and the circumstances under which Yuva Parivartan conducts its examination and certification. This included interviews with filed executives, user testing of content on mobile devices, etc. eVeltio helped design:

  • An improved organisational structure to support the scaled-up model for delivering examinations
  • Cost-benefit analysis of a build vs. buy approach and evaluation of various off-the-shelf assessment products against requirements
  • Specification design for delivering online and offline assessment for students and data management
  • Mobile-based solution for training camps through mobile devices
  • Identification of software development partners for developing delivery and authoring tools
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