Project: RFP Process for Interactive Books

Managing an RFP and supplier selection process for an educational publisher to develop digital versions of interactive textbooks.


Consulting, Process Management


Leading Indian textbook publisher


eVeltio managed an entire RFP process to invite development partners for the creation of interactive textbooks to be delivered on a mobile device. eVeltio designed the requirement specifications for this project after an extensive study of the publisher’s needs and future goals, and invited multiple development partners in the bidding process for selection as the preferred supplier.


The client has plans to transform their complete portfolio of over three thousand textbooks into interactive books that can be delivered on mobile devices as well as a browser. Rather than just digitizing the books, the requirement was to include high-quality interactivity supported by strong instructional design. Over time, these books would be available for sale through a marketplace either as retail products or institutional licensing. The requirement was to design and develop the backend to support these interactive books as well as the conversion of existing print products into digital interactive versions.


eVeltio performed a study of the existing book portfolio and categories, and mapped these to possible configurations in which these could be offered. A study the client’s needs and future goals was considered as input during the study. The process involved:

  • Defining project goals and strategy for implementation
  • Writing the requirement specifications for the project and the proposal (RFP)
  • Defining evaluation criteria and commercial terms
  • Inviting potential development partners for the project
  • Coordination and support for the development partners and defining the schedule for the RFP process
  • Managing responses, seeking clarifications from development partners
  • Evaluation of responses on the basis of a point-system
  • Presentations and engagement with shortlisted partners and client coordination
  • Consulting with client on final selection and commercial negotiations

Apart from this, eVeltio was also involved in conducting a UAT (User Acceptance Testing) with the selected development partner. The UAT involved development of a pilot product and seeking responses to the pilot project on usability and functionality with the intended target audience (school children).

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