eVeltio works with organisations to help improve existing education and learning processes or to develop new products and services to deliver better learning. eVeltio offers consulting in the areas of:

  • Learning & development strategy
  • Product design, strategy & development
  • Design for online distance learning
  • Curriculum development and redesign
  • Teacher training and development
  • Restructuring of existing learning products


What we do

  • Organisational Strategy: Develop a holistic and inclusive learning and development strategy aligned with organisational goals and vision, that addresses user, business, technology and financial needs.

  • Feasibility Analysis: Evaluate and analyse the success potential of projects and products and quantify operational, financial, and risk management parameters for implementation of the project or product. Support development of proof-of-concept or prototypes.

  • Identification of Resources: Identify the appropriate technology, platform, tools and resources for implementation of products or projects with a requirement-oriented approach, rather than a technology-oriented one.

  • Content Design: Develop strategies for designing effective and instructional learning content that engages and educates the learner through effective user interface and user experience.

  • Implementation Planning: Define a development process and an implementation plan that enables achievement of programme objectives. Identify and design appropriate workflows for key stakeholders that improve efficiency and ensure sustainability.

We work with:

Educational Institutes

We develop strategic planning for educational institutes (schools, colleges, training organisations) to help improve existing educational delivery processes, create and establish teacher development programmes and implement technology to scale existing systems for learning delivery. Our services derive from big-picture thinking and work towards developing practical, relevant and affordable solutions to implement key development requirements for institutions.

Educational Publishers

We work with educational publishers to develop strategies to create online initiatives using legacy content and products to build interactive, online content and assessment products. We work closely with publishers to generate roadmaps for recreating new formats of existing products suited for online delivery and consumption. Our approach ensures optimal design with a practical implementation plan.

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