The eVeltio SIFS (Strategic Improvement Framework for Schools) is designed to enable schools to define and implement a long-term and a sustainable approach for continuous improvement for delivery of learning through efficient processes and workflow. This adaptive framework may be customised for schools with their specific mission, vision and goals.

The SIFS helps schools implement a holistic initiative that is aligned with a school’s vision and mission and is vendor-independent. The primary objective of this approach is to empower the school and the key stakeholders to understand the key factors that influence the use of processes, workflow, and technology in the classroom in a way that it strategically benefits the institution and tactically benefits the teacher and the student.


SIFS Features

When engaging with a school with SIFS, eVeltio considers the following aspects to ensure the success of SIFS for schools:

Legacy Protection: SIFS looks at the current infrastructure, and other resources available in the school and works to leverage available assets.

Sustainability: SIFS will consider ways and means to develop sustainable avenues to keep long-term costs low and make the school independent of vendor engagement.

Practicality & Relevance: The best solution for one school may not be the best for another. SIFS ensures that solutions are practical and relevant to the school’s specific needs.

Future-proofing: Consideration of open-technologies and flexible processes ensures that any changes are incorporated smoothly in existing systems.

Reusability: From a resource as a well as a business perspective, SIFS looks at the best way to extract maximum benefit from available resources.

Community Engagement: SIFS will recommend ways to actively engage with the community to develop a vibrant and learning culture within the school.


SIFS has been designed specifically for schools that are looking to improve delivery of education in a manner that suits a specific school. The SIFS approach has several benefits:


The SIFS framework is designed in a way that it can be customised for every school, based on specific needs and objectives. It is not a “template” approach; it is structured for your school.


SIFS is driven by learning requirements and then optimised for technology, platform, etc. Technology doesn’t solve problems; people do. Technology helps people solve problems.

Vendor & Platform Agnostic

eVeltio is a consulting firm and does not have any products to sell. Therefore our services are platform or vendor agnostic and lean to ensure the best solution rather than a specific solution.

Independent Evaluation

eVeltio conducts its own evaluations and assessment of current state of the institution this ensures that an area of improvement is seen in an unbiased and independent manner.

SIFS has several components to it and a school can engage for a turnkey project or specific, project-based assignments. SIFS covers:

  • Strategic Intent – development, planning and roadmap implementation plan
  • Professional development for teachers and staff, including continuous professional development (CPD)
  • Process and workflow to ensure higher efficiencies in education delivery
  • Technology, Tools and Resource planning for sustainability and effectiveness.
  • Enterprise-wide distribution and logistic support structures to ensure smooth delivery of educational processes.

We use the word ‘school’ to define an education organisation (Including K-12 schools, HE Institutes and Training organisations.) Write to us to know more about how SIFS can be implemented for your school. Download the brochure [PDF 475KB]

Contact us to understand how this framework can be applied to your institution and free orientation workshop. 

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