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Micro-innovation in Education

How do you make things better in a resource-constrained environment? How do you get people who have been following a practice for a long time to adopt something new? How do you demonstrate that innovation is not limited to a design lab but in everyday life? STIR EducationĀ is one such organisation that leading the way […]


MOOC, Connectivism & Photography

A good photograph is not necessarily the result of a sophisticated camera. There, we have said it. But, while it is relatively easy to define a sophisticated camera, it’s quite another thing to define a good photograph. We look at a photograph and we know intuitively that is good, and often it is enough. That […]


Launching eVeltio eND

UPDATE: eVeltio END has now been merged into our revamped Teacher Education network – eVeltio TEN We think that there should be lesser places for you to search for information about education news. And while we know that this may not be the last place that you will look for, we hope that this will […]