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Creativity workshop to froster innovation, idea-generation to enable problem-solving and identifying unconventional approaches to problem-solving


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LearningMate Solutions

From their website: LearningMate is an education technology company, an instructional design and editorial house, a media design and animation studio and a world-class software company rolled into one.


eVeltio conducted the Creative Pursuits Workshop (CPW) for twenty team members of the LearningMate team to foster unconventional approaches to problem solving in education design. The workshop spanned six months, with four contact sessions over weekends, and assignments to be performed between contact sessions. The workshop was designed in a manner to inculcate a creative process by practice and was completely activity based.

Client Speak

eVeltio was commissioned to do a workshop that would help bring out the creative potential of our key resources. Atul and his team were amazing in their design and implementation of the “Creative Pursuits” workshop over a period of six months, where the participants were led through a series of creative challenges set in environments far removed from the city. This made an amazing difference to their confidence to express themselves and think creatively – an outcome that resulted in this group forming the team that started off our CSR activities. Today they partner NGOs that work in the education sector helping them with their education initiatives. I will always remember this program as being one that is transformational in many ways. I would strongly recommend this for any organisation that wishes to unleash the hidden creative talent in their employees.

~ Samudra Sen, CEO, LearningMate Solutions


The final assignment for the participants of the CPW was to put creativity in practice. The team, developed a unique approach to help young children be more aware of  environmental pollution by conducting an art and craft session for the class. Watch the video below to see them in action. You can read more about this assignment here.

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